Creative Life

Lou Hamilton is an artist, author, filmmaker & creative coach aiming to creatively inspire fearlessness 

BOOKS  When you need to feel a little braver, open Lou’s book of doodles ‘How to be Fearless’ to any page and see what message Brave New Girl has for you. Her next book FEAR LESS is a self-help book, published by Orion Spring 2018

COACHING Lou Hamilton is UK’s leading Creative Life Coach helping you Fear Less through her six session one-on-one coaching course. She will soon be offering packages & retreats at Champneys with Emma James Physiotherapy (& her team of physical therapists, doctors & alternative practitioners)

ART To inspire you on your health & wellbeing journey Lou makes abstract landscape oil paintings to create calm & meditation. Translated from these works she has designed an active wear range for those serene yogic poses & post-workout relaxation

FILM For the last 17 years Lou has been writing & directing award-winning documentaries and short dramas that aim to inspire you with stories of people who attempt to fear less against the toughest of odds. Her next drama with Rollout Pictures looks at the attempt of someone with early onset Alzheimer’s to maintain dignity & hope

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If you’d like to know more about Lou’s antics, hop along to her studio at CREATELAB or follow her daily doodles on Instagram brave_newgirl Twitter @createlab